Superior Black Angus Quality

Quality beef is a combination of genetics, time, caring and environment. Our family pays attention to every aspect of premium beef production. It’s important for you to know we don’t cut any corners. The finest feed, the time to grow naturally, intense study of proven genetics and daily oversight by our family. We have decades of experience that let us know when and how to grow the very best.

We limit our production to 200 animals per year. That’s a number that let’s us keep a close personal eye on each animal at every stage of it’s life.

Part Of A Humane Food Chain

We live with our animals. We can see the entire herd as we wash the dishes at night. They’ve been a part of our life for 25 years. Our cattle are free to eat when they want and as much as they want. They have constant access to water as well as barns for shelter from our unpredictable Midwest weather. We’re proud of the fact that we feed our own custom blended feed. We never add hormones or unneeded antibiotics. By caring for our animals they’ve provided us with superior quality year after year.

Quality Controlled From Conception

Our daily oversight of every bit of feed, every genetic nuance, every animal makes the difference. We wake up each day with one thing in mind – doing what it takes to bring a few hundred customers the best beef you’ve ever tasted.

Small Production Lots - Limited Availability

Two hundred cattle is a very small number. But we’ve never been about quantity, we’re about quality. That’s why we urge you to act soon. We can’t add to our herd. And we hate to disappoint people who want our product.

Farm Direct To Your Freezer

Lots of hands handle super market beef. The producer, his agent, the grader, the processor, the packer, the transport to the market, the butcher and the display personnel. That’s a lot of hands!

It’s different here. Our meat goes from our farm to state and federally inspected processors, and then directly to your home. It’s a shorter cycle and we have total control of every step in the process. Fewer hands mean better quality control.

Low Freezer Filling Prices

Our pricing is based on buying a whole, half, or split-half (1/4) of an animal. We wrap and deliver it right to your door. If you choose whole beef or half beef, our price is $3.99* per pound pre-cut carcass weight. For instance, a whole beef weighs approximately 750 lbs. and a half beef weighs approximately 375 lbs. All weight and pricing is based on pre-processed carcass weight.

When choosing from a whole, half, or split-half (1/4) keep in mind that our meat is wrapped ready for your freezer and will last for a full year. Many families find a whole beef lasts them just under a year.

*Prices subject to change.

Expert Hand-Trimmed Cuts

Expert hand trimming is provided by a small processing plant nearby. They are meticulous butchers and hand carve and grind every step of the way. Each steak is trimmed to our specifications to deliver the very highest quality steaks and roasts to your table.

We’ve all brought home a steak or roast from the market only to find the “other side” – the side not showing in the case – to not be the quality we want to put on our table. You’ll never find an “other side” with our meat. Each cut is maximized for quality and plate appeal.