Important Customer Information

Schramer Angus Farm beef can be purchased below in quantities of Whole Beef, Half Beef or Split-Half(1/4).

Important Information! Please read carefully!

Half Beef Example:

  • A Half Beef weighs about 375 lbs. pre-cut carcass weight.
  • The cost of a Half Beef is $3.99* per pound pre-cut. Therefore a Half Beef weighing 375 lbs. pre-cut carcass weight will cost $1,121.25.
  • A Half Beef will yield around 210 lbs. of packaged beef.
  • The price for a Split-Half (1/4) is $3.99* per pound pre-cut weight.
  • Shipping is FREE to the Chicagoland area. Eligibility will be determined at the time your order is placed. If shipping charges are required you will be contacted by us.
  • All Beef is delivered frozen.
  • A Whole Beef REQUIRES around 16 cubic feet of freezer space for storage (2' x 4' x 2'). A Half Beef REQUIRES its own mid-size freezer.
  • A Whole Beef will feed a typical family of four for one year.
  • Beef generally keeps well for 1 year frozen.
  • A Whole Beef will produce all beef cuts: steaks, roasts, ground angus burger, ribs, soup bones, liver, etc.
  • When you order today you are reserving an animal in our current herd that will be ready in the weeks to come. We’re a small farm with a big commitment to our animals and our customers. We don’t have processed inventory awaiting your order, we’re raising them as you read this. When you order today we can tell you within a few days of when we’ll deliver your order.
  • We require a non-refundable down payment because your beef will be reserved and custom packaged for you.

*Prices subject to change.